CONTACT SHEETS - The Selected Photos (ENG)

Postwords International n.1 (English v.)

AA.VV. - Giammaria De Gasperis

edited by Giammaria De Gasperis
preface by Elisabeth Biondi

This book is a selection of contact sheets and photos by international and well-known photographers through which one can write an “original” history of photography. Each selected photo tells us the point of view of his/her author, whereas the contact sheets offer us the opportunity to better understand how the photographer has come to choose the right shot.
Moreover each selected photo is accompanied by a text written by the photographer, in which he/she tells to the reader when and why the picture was realised. This first book in the series features photos by Michael Ackerman, Morten Andersen, Roberta Bayley, Stefano De Luigi, Jason Eskenazi, Joan Fontcuberta, Stanley Greene, Lauren Greenfield, Graciela Iturbide, Nadav Kander, Steve McCurry, Paolo Pellegrin, Anders Petersen, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Alex Webb and many others.

ISBN 9788886795869
YEAR 2014
FORMAT 200 x 120 mm
BINDING soft cover
PRICE € 15
Postwords n. 1


Cover Price: € 15,00

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