Walter Rosenblum in WWII
from D-Day to Dachau

Manuela Fugenzi

Still photographs and memorabilia document the war experiences of Walter Rosenblum, one of the most decorated photographers of WWII, and allow us to acknowledge and remember the work of all the photographers in WWII who chose to fight with cameras. A photographer for more than fifty years and an important figure in the advancement of twentieth century photography, Walter Rosenblum is the author of the iconic photograph XXX on the cover of this book, still very much in use whenever this historic day is recalled. In his essay, Daniel Allentuck provides an accurate account of the context and circumstances in which Detachment P 163rd Signal Photographic Company worked, and clarifies unequivocally the history of this image, supported by the evidentiary proof of original documents.

ISBN 978-88-98391-21-9
PP. 96
FORMAT 15 X 21 cm
YEAR 2014

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